Posts Will Continue After February!

Hello dear readers! Thank you for taking your time and visiting my humble blog. Currently, I am busy with some tasks which will continue until mid-February. Which is why I have not been able to post for weeks now. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and will return to posting after February. Until then, best of … Continue reading Posts Will Continue After February!


Anatomy of The Cell: Nucleus

Cells stained with blue fluorecent dye. The blue area is the nucleus. Image Credit: TenOfAllTrades The nucleus, one of the most important parts of the eukaryote cell. In fact, it was one of the very first organelles to be discovered since it is one of the biggest and has our hereditary material in it: the … Continue reading Anatomy of The Cell: Nucleus

Anatomy of The Cell: Cell Membrane

A detailed drawing of the cell membrane. Image credit: Mariana Ruiz. As previously discussed, a cell needs some sort of a membrane to keep all its important stuff inside and to function properly. That role is filled by the plasma membrane, also known as the cell membrane. But what is the cell membrane made of? … Continue reading Anatomy of The Cell: Cell Membrane